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Our Story

Dakota44™ is your trusted brand that crafts both bold flavors and gentle ways in every meal. Our vegetarian turkeys consume the corn grown from the same family farm they were raised on, never experience cages or crates, and are allowed the space to express natural behaviors on our agricultural-friendly Midwest farms. Dakota44™ thinks outside of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner table and instead offers bold, funky, and fresh meals, snacks, and app solutions. Dakota44™ is driven by a belief in crafting quality food moments every day for any meal.

Consider us bold

Consider It Crafted™

Consider Dakota44™

BACK TO THE BEGINNING: Wondering where we got our name “Dakota44”? It goes back to our start, when 44 family farmers came together with a shared vision to blend tradition with innovation in the Dakotas. This meant bringing the roots in higher standards and home-grown quality that have existed on the farm to the production process, as well.

A STATE-OF-THE-ART PROCESS: Our turkey farmers decided to build their own processing facility from the ground up. Our process design features our extensive food safety practices, our advanced technology, and our sustainability practices. Our farmers strongly believe in raising animals humanely as well as handling them humanely throughout the process. Today, the Huron, South Dakota–based facility continues to raise the bar on how food is produced.

A CLOSER LOOK AT OUR FARMERS: Many of the family turkey farmers behind Dakota44TM belong to independent Hutterite communities located in the Midwest. These self-sufficient colonies are largely sustained through agriculture but often manufacture other goods, too. Want to learn more about our farmers, and where our turkey comes from?

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